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Welcome to the FREE Online diploma program courses.


For a step by step guide on how to register please, go back to the home page and click on one of the programs that you wish to enroll in, and you will be taken to the courses page.

We hope that you will enjoy your studies at our institute and that you will acquire the education and skills needed to open many doors for you in the job market.

NewStart Institute is a charitable organization for the advancement of practical education. While comparable programs cost more than US$10,000 in North American Colleges, we offer them for free.

Many students ask if our courses are accredited.  These courses are not accredited, but they are practical courses and many people take similar courses in colleges.  They pay about $10,000.00 for them, and they get entry level jobs.

We greatly appreciate your input and we hope that you will have an enjoyable learning experience at NewStart Institute.