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312 Robin Lane, Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 7J8, CANADA

Welcome to the FREE Online diploma program courses.

Issie Rabinowitz from Ottawa Canada, founder of Education Free (NewStart Institute) passed over on Sunday 26 June 2016.

He was the driving force behind this successful website, thank you Issie for building such a beautiful site. You made people more qualified for productive jobs, thank you, and may your soul be safe!

He retained his sense of humor and philosophical outlook in life until the end and died peacefully in his sleep.

Issie was the founder and motivating spirit of Education Free, an organization and website, devoted to providing basic skills to people who would otherwise not be able to acquire them.

Now that he is no longer with us, the project that he started needs to continue in order that others can benefit from his work. In response to the call by the family of Issie Rabinowitz, Limited. has decided to carry on the project. shall build a brand new website and this new website will offer all the courses that were being offered, and also the new courses that had been prepared by Issie but  had not been uploaded such as Diploma in Human Resources, etc. In addition, the new management will introduce new courses such Information Technology, Computer Science, Business Administration. The new site shall been upgraded from Moodle 1.9 to Moodle 3.3. It is now user friendly as one can use a smartphone and a tablet to study.

The students will be provided with transcripts at a cost. A number of students who had completed courses with NewStart Institute were getting certificates for each course. To enable students to have all the courses on one page, a transcript will be produced with all the courses taken for the award of that particular diploma or certificate. Inevitably, this will be provided if the student requests for it. To request for the transcript,  click here.

All new students will register on this site, but the continuing students can continue with the old site. However, if the old students wish to register for the new courses, they will have to register on this new site.