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Dr. Albert Teitlebaum Ph.D. Endorsement

December 23, 2009

Endorsement of the Newstart Organization (and Founder Mr. Issie Rabinowitz).

I am a retired Professor of Management, McGill University, currently serving as consultant to my former employer, to several Canadian universities, as well as to several federal government departments. In particular, I held the position of Associate Dean of McGill’s Bachelor of Commerce program from 1973 to 1988. My academic and administrative management background has led me to become involved in the Newstart Organization.

There are many undergraduate business/management college programs available. Some include online courses, and one can even complete a certificate or degree without ever stepping into a classroom. Unfortunately, the cost savings inherent in online programs are generally not passed on to the student. And thus, for potential students from third world countries, without strong secondary school credentials, and the necessary funds, these programs are out of reach.

The Newstart approach allows the student to overcome the twin impediments to further education, cost and accessibility, and provides a quality online business program, at negligible cost, with the academic support needed for the student’s success. Newstart even assists the student with textbooks for their study, and provides the opportunity to meet the challenge of a college education and the opportunity for the betterment of their lives and of their communities.

We volunteers on the Newstart Board and the planning committees are providing our time, energy and experience. It is our hope that the resulting program will serve as a model for similar academic opportunities in other venues and subject areas.

I extend my sincere appreciation for any assistance you can provide.

Dr. Albert Teitlebaum Ph.D.
6280 Westbury Avenue
Montreal (Quebec) H3W 2X3