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Dr. Maureen Appel Molot Ph.D. Endorsement

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Ottawa, ON K1Y 0H8

September 4, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Letter of Support for NewStart Institute

I am happy to provide a letter of endorsement for the NewStart Institute in its search for financial support.

This is an important initiative, which aims to make its courses available for very low, if any fees to students around the world looking to increase their skills to find employment. Those behind the Institute realize that the greatest barrier to education for many in developing countries (and for some in Canada) is cost: they simply cannot afford university or college fees. With NewStart, they simply need access to a computer (which for many is still a challenge). A second is the need for academic support to ensure that their literacy and numeracy skills are adequate for university level courses. NewStart is also sensitive to this and its initial courses provide opportunities for students to compensate for weaknesses in their backgrounds.

A quick review of students who have taken NewStart courses validates its premise. Students from many countries like Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Tanzania, Botswana, Trinidad and also Canada and the US have taken NewStart courses; many have taken more than one. The most often-cited reasons for enrolment are the desire to upgrade their skills and their inability to afford the costs of education in more established institutions.

We are all aware the importance of education as the best means to improve peoples circumstances. With the financial capacity to continue operating the Newstart Institute is an initiative that can truly make a difference to students wherever they live.

Sincerely yours

Maureen Appel Molot, Ph.D.