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Letters from Graduates

4 September 2013

 Dear Mr. Essie,

I am very much elated for awarding me diploma in office management, though it wasn’t easy with me to complete the course due to my busy schedule. However i was able to come out victorious without hindrance. I have improved greatly in my use of Microsoft office 

I look forward to take another course in your institute. Also, right from inception i have being advertising the institute and i promised to continue to advertise the institute so that more student who has no privilege of attending or forwarding their education can likewise benefit from this free online course.

Once more, i want to say thank you.


. 13 February 2013

Hi Issie

  • I want to share some very good news with you and every student at NewStart Institute. I finally landed the perfect job in my area of Study Accounting and Office Administration at NewStart Institute. I am now working as a part-time Bookkeeper in St. Thomas. My education and training at NewStart Institute has started opening many doors of employment for me I want the other students to know this and to keep up with their goals and studies.
  • The secret to my successful wining resume that helps us students get noticed was by taking Student Success Strategies, Resume Writing and Job Search Techniques and Soft Skills, Management and Marketing – these courses are vital for producing and creating the award winning cover letter and resume.
  • NewStart Institute has helped bring my computer skills up to date with the latest computer technology. This year our family invested in a new computer for the household running Windows 8. I was able to teach the family all about the Windows 8 operating system and help them get started using the new computer with the latest technology.
  • I am very lucky and thankful for the opportunities NewStart Institute has offered me I look forward to completing the rest of my computer courses in Web Programing, Browser Scripting, Computer Graphics and hours of Internship for marketing and advertising NewStart Institute in the future. I encourage all students to stay focused and push on with their goals to have faith because there are plenty of jobs out there waiting for them when they finish their courses at NewStart Institute.

Respectfully yours

Christine Wilson-Gouthro

11 February 2013

Dear Sir/Madam,

Words will not enough to express how i appreciate the NEW START INSTITUTE management in regard to be award recently give me.


I have the believe that, its just the beggining and i want to say a big kudo’s to the institute for the  valuable Diploma awarded me.

I have  great chance to improve my skill  for my most wanted job opportunity of the world by the new start institute which is overall manage by Issie Rabinowitz CA, MA, I truly appreciate New start Institute’s all courses. All course materials, test and assignment were helpful, All responses to question were quick reply.

Thanks  to board of director, the staffs, management and all volunteers.

I wish many student complete Diploma course and become graduate soon without any delay.
The courses is a challege but with preverance, endurance, self motivation and determination one can succed.
That is why i believe that New start Institute will be best education website in the world.

Yours truly,
Hammed Wakeel Osuolale.

2 December 2012

Hi Issie

Thank you for the opportunity and Diploma. My journey with Newstart is successful in that it has helped update my computer skills and the greatest discovery along the way in my journey was through Success Strategies for Students, Soft Skills, Management and Marketing and Resume Writing and Job Search Techniques.

It was after taking these vital courses I came up with an award winning resume and cover letter. I started getting interview opportunities well before completing my Diplomas. I have landed a full-time job using my newly learned computer skills everyday in a call center. My full-time employment opportunity has a pension plan and medical benefits which is a rare find in the job market today. Newstart teaches us advanced computer skills that public colleges do not teach. 

I look forward to taking more courses in computer programming and graphics through Newstart Institute. I am confident that it will open up many more opportunities within my career criteria. I urge all students to keep up with their studies in the future and not to give up, Newstart Institute does open doors for employment opportunities. 

    • 17 October 2012

      Dear sir/madam,

      Words will not enough to express how I appreciate the NEWSTART INSTITUTE Management in regard to the Awards recently given to me.
      I have the beleive that, it’s just the beggining and I want to say a big ‘kudos’ to the Institute for the valuable Diploma awarded me.
      Truly, everybody including myself willing to do it but unable, some ignoring their own interest. It is wonderful and prestigeous ‘Newstart Institute’ is able to do it not just but perfectly. It efficiently and effective provides higher and quality online education services to many people around globe without any fees attached.
      The courses is a challenge but with perseverance, endurance, self-motivation and determination one can succeed.
      I wish many student complete Diploma Courses and become graduates soon without any delay.
      I sincerely appreciate and once again say a big thanks to the Board of Directors, the Staffs, Management and all Volunteers mostly my instructor and administrator, Issie Rabinowitz CA, MA for their unique and dynamic attitude and golden opportunity towards the completion of my Diploma of Accounting.


      Yours truly,

      Adetoro Adegboyega Oluwasanjo
      Diploma of Accounting (Sept., 2012).

18 July 2012

Dear Sirs/Madams

Words will never fully express how appreciate I do in regard to my recently awarded DIPLOMA (S). However, I simply hope that it will be the best start: 


Almost everybody, including myself, is unable to do in the interests of others ignoring their own interests. It is however wonderful, “NewStart Institute” is able to do it. It efficiently and effectively provides high quality online education services without any cost and any discrimination. 

NewStart opens the gates of higher education to the qualified students anywhere in the world by offering affordable opportunity befitting the following benefits;

Training in highly applicable office and computer skills.

Increased Employment opportunities.

Free education; no hidden fees.

I sincerely appreciate the great and noble attitudes of “NewStart Institute”. It is a unique opportunity all over the world, and my dream will really come through its Diploma Programs.

Yours faithfully

Dip. in Accounting and Office Management
Dip. in Web Programming
Dip. in Browser Programming

    • 26 February 2012

      Dear sir,

      Thank you very much for honorable receiving of the diploma.  I have
      great chance to improve my skill for my most wanted job opportunity.
      It is good kind enough to help people of the world by the New Start
      Institute which is overall manage by Issie Rabinowitz, CA , MA.  I
      truly appreciate New Start Institute’s all courses.
      All courses material,test and assignments were helpful.  All responses
      to questions were quick reply.  That is why I believe that our New Start
      Institute will be number one education website in the world.
      I wish many student will complete diploma courses and become graduates
      soon.  Thanks again to board of directors and all volunteers.

      your faithfully,
      Maung Maung Than

  • 2 March 2011
    Dear Isse
                 I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank you for allowing myself and many others at 
                 having the chance at completing an online Diploma , it is a great acheivement you have done by allowing people
                 to become educated in microsoft office courses and various other programs, as these skills are essential 
                 in gaining employment within an Office enviroment, and it will benefit those as well in less developed nations.
                 The course is a challenge but with perseverance and self motivation anyone with a grasp of english will succeed.
                 Since graduating i have now switched occupations and just commenced work an Automotive Dealership, 
                 in the Sales & Admin Dept. Online training does truly work.
                 Best wishes to Newstart Institute, Isse and their team.
                 Anthony Hughes
                 Dip. of Admin.
                (Feb. 2011 graduate)
    Anthony Hughes Graduated February the 25th, 2011
    • 13 February 2011 DearIssie Rabinowitz I appreciate all that each of you has contributed to my professional growth and skills. You have served as my role models during the years since I began these courses. In fact, your way of teaching, topic explanations, video, audio and exercises have been very much responsible for the successes I’ve had along the way.Cordially, 
  • I sincerely thank you.
  • Thank you very much for combined diploma. This is one of the most memorable events of my professional career. To be recognized by you and I will remember over and over with gratitude. 
  • Muhammad Azam Khan Graduated February the 12th, 2011
  • 29 December 2010
    views about diploma course
    Thanks for this golden opportunity to express my views about New start Institute.
    First of all I congratulate all of your team for such a great idea of giving
    education and skills free of cost, especially for all the countries and for those
    who cannot afford the cost of these courses. It is a great honour for me to earn a
    degree from this great online institute.
    I found these courses very beneficial especially for those who are looking to learn
    something and want to enhance their skills.
    The tutorials and learning materials were helpful, useful, easy and interesting.
    Thank you very much for the valuable diploma course.
    Salman Arain Graduated December the 28th, 2010
  • 17 December 2010
    It is great to be a graduate of NEWSTART and i am honored getting the opportunity to write something on the course
    of office management. I was searching a good online diploma and at last i have found it here in NEWSTART! It’s
    really a new start for me since i was not well skilled.
    The course curriculum is excellent . Some course like soft skill,management and marketing,success strategies,
    resume writing and job searching techniques are really necessary. Anyone can study these materials to be successful
    in career as some of the courses are enough to embellish one’s thought and action. I wish to read all those things
    even repeatedly when it comes the matter of taking decision.
    To serve the requirement of a student for preparing MS word, Excel, Power Point, Access, the link of
    Microsoft website is useful as well.
    What is worth praising here is that the responses to the question is inspiring and appreciable.
    I would like to have the privilege to thank and wish good luck to Issie Rabinowitz & NEWSTART.
    Zahirul Kaiyum
    Zahirul Kaiyum Graduated December the 16th, 2010
  • 18 August 2010
    First of all I congratulate you for your great idea of this online institute.
    The idea of “NewStart Institute” is great by providing online and distance learning courses free of cost,
    which add something good to the student’s resume, which is commendable.
    It is an honour to have a degree from this online institute.
    I found these courses very beneficial especially for those who are looking to learn something and want to
    enhance their skills.
    The tutorials and learning materials were helpful, useful, easy and interesting.
    Thank you very much for the valuable diploma course.
    Muhammad Uzair
    Muhammad Uzair Graduated August the 15th, 2010
  • 12 July 2010
    Dear Issie:
    Thanks. I do appreciate what you made available. I was quite nervous about it and somehow managed to get through.
    I’ve never been that great with computers and now I believe I can do a bit more.
    The NewStart Institute has been very beneficial to those who are looking to learn something and upgrade their
    marketable skills.
    I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to learn something on-line without having to go through a lot of red tape.
    The tutorials were helpful, although some things are challenging by their very nature or because we might fail to
    see all aspects of a process clearly. It requires some dedication, but at least it’s available on-line. This is
    helpful for those of us who aren’t able to access a lot of educational resources due to price or place.
    Further, because it is free, you can’t beat the price. The very idea behind NewStart Institute is inspiring. In
    case people don’t know, it was started by a man who immigrated to Canada from Israel and through diligence and hard
    work promoted himself from selling tuna (not that there’s anything wrong with that) to being an accountant. In
    order to be a righteous Jew and in remembrance of those who helped the Jews during the Holocaust, Mr. Rabinowitz, has
    put his own time and energy into trying to help others in his day. Mr. Rabinowitz has conglomerated and made some
    good information available for those who desire to further themselves. This giving of oneself for the sake of others
    is inspiring and I hope that all of us, including me, will try to go and do likewise in our time on earth.
    Robert White
    Robert White Graduated July the 10th, 2010
  • 26 June 2010
    Dear Issie,
    Thank you very much for the valuable diploma course.
    It is a great honour for me to earn a degree from this great online school.
    The learning materials were great, interesting and easy to learn.
    Congratulations for all of your work on this school.
    Gabor Kovacs Graduated July the 20th, 2010
    Here below, is my submitted positive experience:
    I am very concerned that the luck knocked at me three times: 1st when I came through this free training, 2nd finished
    with this will increase opportunities for future better employment and thirdly, to my surprise I did not know that in
    addition to these, I am in title of a wining prize of a check, (money) for my successful studies.
    Thank you for considering my comments on this important matter.
    Emanuel Marial Aru
    Emanuel Marial Aru Graduated September the 2nd, 2010
    “It is an honor that I have already graduated from the Office Management & Accounting Diploma Programs of
    NEWSART Institute. It is an eye-catching & academically overshadowing online educational center that is deemed
    unexampled in its free educational services. Frankly speaking, as part of my educational documentation and beside
    my University degree, it has turned to be a prime mover for my prestige before my new employer.”
    With best regards,
    Yadgar Safi
    Yadgar Safi Aru Graduated January the 25th, 2010
    I got to know about this course through the Ottawa Citizen Newspaper. I read
    the story captioned “Dying man’s last wish is to help others get ahead”.
    Issy Rabinowitz wants to be a ‘Righteous Jew,” by helping others through his web-based courses.
    It further said “but he needs someone to keep his legacy alive” By Jennifer Green,
    The Ottawa Citizen February 1, 2010.
    I was touched by this remark and moved into getting registered in February 2010
    and completed Office Administration and Accounting Diploma by March 30 2010. Before completion I was awarded
    Student of the Month with a $20.00 usd check. I really appreciated this especially the course is free and
    I was appreciated for my effort it really encouraged me to go on to completion.
    I am happy to say that I have committed 6 students to enroll in this awesome course
    because it is not only an added knowledge but will get one to the next level in life
    as well as secure a job.
    Financially, you cannot get this course free. I paid close to $2000 dollars to complete
    and online course.
    I have added this diploma on my resume and I have succeeded in getting interviews and
    also applying the knowledge to my ministry.
    As a Pastor, I know the effect of his words about a “Righteous Jew”
    especially with the teachings of the Bible.Rabbi Issy Rabinowitz is
    leaving a legacy and is a noble course that I strongly support.
    Thank you very much Rabbi Rabinowitz, the Lord will remember a “Righteous Jew”
    for this awesome venture.
    Pastor Ansa Babalola
    House of Love and Prayer Christ Assembly
    Ottawa, Canada.
    Pastor Ansa Babalola Graduated March the 30th, 2010
  • Dear Issie!
    You asked a question, and I quote, “If there is a positive result after completing the course.”
    After graduating from Newstart Institute it great knowing that I have accomplished and learned about
    accounting and office administrative and feel wonderful to have the diploma. Studying at Newstart give
    me an opportunity to learn new skills and I would like to pursue my studies more at an universities.
    At the moment I have not advance in my current job. At the moment I am sending out resumes.
    Pauline Herbert
    Pauline Herbert graduated February the 25th, 2010
  • Dear Issie,
    Thanks for this golden opportunity to express my views about Newstart Institute. Nowadays, there are chains and
    numbers of free on line programs in different webs. Irrespective of their teaching pedagogy, to find a true
    professional course that is carefully mapped to direct beginners with rewarding foundation, painstaking curriculum
    leading to a rich and envious profession are hard to find. To be candid, I don’t know of other courses in Newstart
    Institute but when it comes to the Diploma of Accounting and Office Management, I think it’s one of the best in
    recent time.
    Andy Marah
    Andy Marah Graduated January the 3rd, 2010
Greetings from New Orleans ,

John Heath here and I will be marketing in behalf of this wonderful program.

It would a good way for those who like myself who had no skills at the start,
feel ready to face the business world and I Thank You !

Your biggest Fan

J J Heath