NewStart Institute

312 Robin Lane, Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 7J8, CANADA

Welcome to the FREE!! Online diploma program courses.


Courses are delivered to students over the Internet using an e-learning software package called “Moodle”. The entire teaching process of instructing, testing, grading, evaluating, responding to questions, and providing supplementary materials is performed through “Moodle” itself. The Institute provides training to students on how to use “Moodle”.

Courses are based on materials which are selected to be current, and are provided without cost to all students. The Institute invests a great amount of financial resources and administrative effort to find these materials. Students are tested on their knowledge of the material. There are no course lectures.

A course is made up of about 10 topics. At the end of each topic there is usually a multiple-choice quiz. At the end of the course a certificate is issued for that course. Once a student gets all the certificates for the program, we will issue them the diploma.

Courses are offered on a continuing basis in English. A student may start a course at any time and complete assignments and tests at his/her own pace. Please note, however, that a student must complete a course within a year of starting it.


Each course will have a dedicated instructor who will help the student effectively take the courses, the upgraded will also uses advantages of the bigblue button to have live sessins with instructors.
Students will also have a additional course on each program (internship) where each student is required to do internship, The students will request letters to do internship.