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Paralegal Diploma Courses

No.Course NameExpected HoursStatus
1Basic Moodle Training for Students10Available
2Success Strategies30Available after course # 1
3Touch-typing30Available after course # 1
4Resume Writing and Job Search Techniques30Available after course # 1
5Digital Law Practice10Available after course # 1
Courses from other institutions:
6Diploma in Legal Studies15Available after course # 1
7Introduction to Paralegal Studies30Available after course # 1
8Employer –Employee Law10Available after course # 1
9Fundamentals of Business Law10Available after course # 1
10Introduction to Contracts in Law10Available after course # 1
11Introduction to Copyright Law in America10Available after course # 1
12Legal Studies – Laws and the Judicial System10Available after course # 1
13Legal Studies – The Adversary Trial Systems10Available after course # 1
14English Writing Skills10Available after course # 1
Total Hours225

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