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Rabbi Arnold Fine D.D.

Rabbi Arnold Fine
919 Kirkwood Ave.
Ottawa Ontario K1Z 5Y6.

To Whom It May Concern, 

I am the rabbi emeritus of Agudath Israel Congregation in Ottawa ON and presently the interim rabbi of Congregation Beth Shalom and the Jewish Community chaplain for the Ottawa Jewish community. I have had the privilege of knowing Issie Rabinowitz for perhaps a decade. 

I have been impressed by his sensitivity to people and to their needs and his readiness to be there with and for them. He has been an important teacher to me in my work as a chaplain and a congregational rabbi. 

A few years ago Issie approached me for advice and for help for a project that was occupying his mind at the time. He was planning an internet based university program, which is nothing exceptional today, but he did not want to do this for profit, but as way of helping to educate people across the world to gain important skills and credentials. He was hoping that I might have insight and knowledge of senior and retired university faculty, who might be interested in his beautiful idea. I tried to help. 

He is presently providing courses, gratis, for people interested in gaining skills in accounting and bookkeeping proficiency, who come to his program from all parts of the globe and interact with him and other professionals via their computers. He has graduated some people and in the process changed their lives for the better. His enthusiasm for this project, despite his debilitating and progressive illness, which is sapping his strength, is strong and very impressive. His desire to perform acts of tikkun olam, repairing the world, continues. Naturally he is concerned for his wellbeing and he has worries about the future of his family, but he keeps working. 

I would hope that he be granted the requisite help to realize his dream for so many people he has not and will not meet, but who are enriched and enhanced and will continue to be so by his efforts on their behalf. 

I pray that Issie Rabinowitz will be granted the strength to continue his efforts and the blessings, which he bestows daily. 


Rabbi Arnold Fine D.D.