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Dr. Stephen M. Mungoma

To whom it may concern,

Subject: Newstart, Providing free education

I heard about the Newstart project, organized by Rabbi Rabinowitz when his son contacted a friend of mine and shared with him the need to continue the legacy of his father of providing free education to thousands of people around the world. This friend shared this concern with me and I was intrigued.

I have traveled to over 40 countries of the world and everywhere I have been, there are people that wish to continue with higher education, but can’t afford it. They desire to help themselves with skills-based education, but the cost is prohibitive.

NewStart certainly is an answer to many people’s thirst for education that can help them acquire skills to help themselves and contribute to the development of their communities. Rabbi Rabinowitz had a great heart and he put in much thought and money to come up with this project that answers many people’s quest for education. I want to be one of those to continue the legacy of Rabbi Rabinowitz.

There is no doubt that this is a project that will be of “considerable benefit to people, given the necessary resources and support,” and I wholeheartedly endorse it, not only theoretically but with my resources.


Stephen M. Mung’oma  Ph.D.