NewStart Institute

312 Robin Lane, Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 7J8, CANADA

Welcome to the FREE Online diploma program courses.



ACCREDITATION: We are not accredited yet but we are structuring our program and courses toward eventual accreditation. Hence, we currently employ the highest standards.

DISCLOSURE: We are committed to the student’s privacy hence, we will not give out private information or email addresses unless required by law or by the province, for our accreditation purposes.


ACCOMMODATIONS FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: We are committed to helping students with disabilities meet the course requirements. If you have a disability, please let us know and we will try our best to help you integrate in our program.

DISCRIMINATION AND EQUALITY POLICIES: We are against discrimination, whether based on race, religion, sex, politics, etc. We are for equality as expressed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and in the Ontario Human Rights Code. We undertake to provide education to the faculty, administration and students on these subjects. For more on this subject read ” STUDENT MISCONDUCT “.


We accept everybody and we do not have admission requirements. However, people that don’t have a good basis in the English language will probably fail because they will not be able to understand the courses. As we gain more experience, we will be able to give better instructions on prerequisites.


A student can enter a course at any time. A student must complete a course within one year of registration. At the end of the year, all students who have not yet completed the course will be unregistered.


The Institute is committed to the integrity of student records. Hence, students have to provide, upon registration, a copy of a document indicating their official name and the document’s identification number. The document may be an identification card, passport, driver’s license or any other document that will meet our approval. The Institute might cancel the registration of a student who provides false information or false documents in his/her application. The student is required to maintain his/her address, email, phone number and other such information by using his/her “Moodle” Account. A change of name may be done only by presenting official documents regarding the change of name.


Every instructor will post a course syllabus. The syllabus will describe the requirements of the course, the marks for various assignments and tests, and other pertinent course requirements. In the case where we change the syllabus, we will try to minimize the inconvenience for the students currently enrolled in the course.


We will use numerical grading for the courses. A student has to get over 50% in order to pass a course.  If there are other requirements for graduating from a course they will be posted in the course syllabus.


The Institute is committed to promoting student excellence; hence, special efforts will be made to recognize and reward it. Instructors will look for, encourage and reward excellence in students’ studies.


Allegations of student misconduct may be brought forward by an instructor, staff member, or any other party. An investigation will first be lead by the instructor of the course and report to the Acting Dean of NewStart Institute. The Acting Dean will review the allegations and communicate directly with the student about the allegations and the student’s rights. If the issue is not resolved at that level, the allegation will be referred to a tribunal set by the Institute. The decision of the tribunal will be binding and there will be no further recourse available to the student in this matter.

There are two types of student misconduct:

  1. Misconduct that destroys confidence in the Institute. If it happens, it might have such an adverse effect that the hard work of even all the good students will not be recognized. Misconduct in this category will be disciplined severely. This category is comprised of: 
    CHEATING (NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES) ON FINAL EXAMS: The first time that a student is caught cheating, his/her marks for the last three courses will be erased. The second time that a student is caught cheating he/she will be permanently expelled and all his/her marks will be erased.
  2. Other misconduct that interferes with the running of the Institute or with the life of the students and staff. This misconduct will be disciplined according to the general standards of North American colleges. Items under this category are: 
    PLAGIARISM: This is the passing off of other people’s ideas as your own. We reserve the right to submit students’ assignments to programs and groups that check for plagiarism. A student caught plagiarizing will lose the marks for that assignment. The Acting Dean may impose further penalties. 
    HARASSMENT: Students and staff will be disciplined if they harass other students or staff members for any reason. Harassment by staff is the giving of worse grades for non-academic reasons. Harassment by students and staff is sending emails or posting in discussion groups derogatory names aimed at a student or a group of students. Harassment because of: “Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Religion” will be dealt with more severely.


A student who feels that the grade he/she has received is not justified has to first discuss it with the course instructor. The course instructor will then recheck the assignment himself/herself or through an experienced TA. Failing this, the student has the option to have the assignment checked and graded by another instructor. However, the student will have to pay US$35 for the cost recovery of this exercise. The grade might be lower or higher with this option and there will not be any other recourse in this matter. A student who feels that the multiple choice questions for the tests are not fair, is encouraged to first discuss them with the instructor and if it is not resolved, the student has the right to refer it to the Acting Dean. The Acting Dean will then assign a qualified person to check the complaint.


In case a student has a dispute with the Institute s/he has to refer it to an arbitrator that the Institute chooses. The student has to pay US$40 for this exercise. If the student is not happy with the outcome s/he can repeat the same procedure 1 more time with another arbitrator. The last arbitration will be binding. The student hereby agrees that his/her claim cannot exceed the amount that s/he paid for the last course. The amount per course equal total amount paid by the diploma program divided by the number of courses. TA and fund-raising work will not be reimbursed. The student also agrees not to take the Institute to court.


  1. INSTITUTE’S POLICY: Our policy is to follow the rules and regulations that the accreditation body of Ontario requires from universities.
  2. CHANGES: As the Institute grows, we might have to change the program. In that case, we will take into consideration the work that the student has already completed and we will give her/him credit for it.
  3. CREDITS: We will recognize courses taken at other institutions. If you want us to consider it, please email us your transcript and we will notify you about it. This service will cost US$25 for cost recovery of the evaluation and the cost does not depend on the outcome. Students are allowed to take courses in other institutions and their courses will be recognized if they follow the above procedure.
  4. COMMUNICATION: Our main method of communication will be via email or posting on the web site. It is the student’s responsibility to follow the course web site or respond to his/her email.
  5. COPYRIGHT: We are committed to compliance with the Canadian Copyright Act.